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Phones? Most of us have one. Phone cases? Most of us need one.

When we moved to South Korea, I purchased an older iPhone 4 at a bargain price from my coworker’s brother. I used that phone for the past year and a half and it was golden for me! Unfortunately, I never purchased a case for that phone and of course, it showed.

For my birthday this year, my husband and I saved for several months to purchase a new iPhone. We bought it secondhand, but it was still in mint condition. Lesson learned from my old phone: I was definitely in need of a phone case.

Over the past months of blogging, I have been able to follow, connect with, and learn from other incredible ethical bloggers. So, when it came time to find an ethically made phone case, I wasn’t worried in the least. I knew reading through other blogs would offer me an amazing selection of responsible brands to choose from. After doing some research, I settled on purchasing a White Eco-Friendly iPhone 6s Phone Case from Pela.
img_1665What caught and held my attention with Pela was the fact that all their phone cases happen to be biodegradable. “We guarantee our cases will only breakdown in a composting environment.” Each phone case is made from “BPA-free, plant-based biopolymers mixed with annually renewable flax shive.” Pela refers to this blend as Flaxstic. The case is soft and comfortable in your hand, while the flax shive adds a beautiful texture and visual interest to the simple design. Furthermore, all of Pela’s cases are ethically made in Canada and are shipped in minimal packaging.

I’m not one to upgrade phones often, but I know many out there enjoy keeping up with the latest technology. Most phones will be resold, but phone cases? Not likely. I am no zero-waste expert, but I have been deeply encouraged by the ethical blogger community to be more aware of the waste I produce and more action oriented toward decreasing it. Knowing that my phone case won’t end up in a landfill someday is a simple thought, but it brings me a lot of joy.

I realize buying an ethically made phone case  may seem like a small and simple step toward living more sustainability. But that’s just it! I truly believe that each of these small steps amount to something significantly larger and more powerful when combined.

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2 thoughts on “Biodegradable Accessories: Pela Case”

  1. Wow- I had never even considered the possibility of a biodegradable phone case. That’s genius! My husband and I have recently gotten into the idea of zero waste and although it’s very overwhelming, we are (slowly) going to try and transition. It’s so neat to see products like this and it seems to make the journey less intimidating. I’m gonna give them a try 🙂


    • emilyapack says:

      That’s so great to hear, Katie! My husband and I are also (slowly) making the change to a more zero waste lifestyle. Keep me updated on your progress (and I’d love to hear more of your ideas as you guys make the transition!)


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