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T-Shirt: My Sister Org | Jeans: Thrifted | Slides: Deux Mains

Buuusy. It’s a word we love and hate all at once. Consistent commitments can be life giving! Overwhelming obligations are simply draining. Busy doesn’t always need to make you cringe, but time is valuable and how you use it counts. Speaking of valuable time, ever opened your closet and felt you had nothing to wear? Silly, maybe? But admit it, you’ve been there! Sometimes you just need a simple, easy outfit to throw on when the clock is ticking and you have life to do.

Lately, I’ve been l o v i n g ethical graphic tees paired with raw hem denim and comfortable shoes. It’s too easy and I always feel like myself! As simple and lazy as this outfit combination may be, I appreciate that this look still feels pulled together and clean. Busy schedules get the best of us in different seasons, while missed alarm clocks happen from time to time. Does that mean you have to forfeit feeling confident and excited about what you’re wearing? Nahhh.

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Attempting to be myself in a world that tells me otherwise.

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