My Perfect Shoe: Deux Mains

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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 presetEver tried to imagine the perfect shoe? Or rather, your perfect shoe? I realize I’m treading in opinionated waters, but really: when you imagine footwear that can carry you from day to night, from city to beach, from wrangling your kiddos to a date night with your spouse, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a neutral leather, gently weathered boot. For others, your perfect shoe may be a beloved pair of tennis shoes, speckled with scuffs and marks from ample use.

I suppose I didn’t know my perfect shoe existed until I stumbled upon it by chance (thanks, Instagram!) My style is fairly quirky, filled with color and the occasional print. I try to keep my toes snug in something comfortable and versatile. I used to be a hoarder of specific occasion shoes (here’s to you, cheetah heel). I’ve since honed my hoarding habits, or maybe I just grew too lazy to curate outfits for each form of decorative footwear that sat in my closet. I still love a unique statement piece, but sometimes you just need a shoe that goes with everything. That shoe you can throw on with any ensemble and feel pulled together, yet not too fancy. A “crap, I’m so late and running out the door, I don’t even need to second guess this because it just always works” shoe.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, or maybe I’m just speaking from pure excitement because I finally found my shoe! What are these glorious soles, you ask? The Anne Slide by Deux Mains. Such a simple design, yet a closet essential we’ve all been missing. The thick tan strap over the front of your foot peeks out from loose denim or floor skimming dresses, but doesn’t compete. The simplistic design flatters grocery store errands and date night ensembles. I trudged through the sand and drank rosé in these slides! Versatility at its finest.

In addition to the beautiful aesthetic and functional design, I was most impressed by the thoughtful production behind this shoe. These slides are crafted in Haiti from 100% Haitian leather and up-cycled tires. Deux Mains, which translates to two hands in French, is an employee-owned and operated footwear company in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This brand partners with REBUILD globally, giving talented artisans a platform to display their quality work in the global marketplace.

We were born from the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, but survived in her wake by learning the art of shoemaking, determined to rebuild our lives. With the help of our nonprofit partner, REBUILD globally, we are part of a social business ecosystem committed to building financial security for the most vulnerable in Haiti; while also committed to creating a modern sandal brand that is always authentic, slightly eccentric and proudly unique.

Throughout my recent travels, I regularly gazed at trails of suitcases making their way on and off cars, boats, and planes. Knowing all those packs and bags were filled with clothing and products begged for my attention. We, as consumers,  are gifted with choice each time we make a purchase. If we are going to buy anyway, why not buy better? If you’ve been looking to fill a gap in your spring capsule wardrobe or have simply been seeking a versatile shoe for every occasion, Deux Mains Anne Slide is the perfect investment!

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3 thoughts on “My Perfect Shoe: Deux Mains”

  1. I definitely don’t need another pair of sandals, but you’ve almost sold me on these! I love the simple style, too.


  2. I recently came across your blog through A Balancing Peach, and I just love your style! I’d love to incorporate more ethical products into my life. Deux Mains sounds like a wonderful company!

    Sarah //


  3. My favorite shoe as well! Ran into deux mains when a friend had us visit their workshop space in Haiti. I wear my Anne slides almost everyday, literally goes with everything. I will probably get the matching cross body bag!


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